Am I Dying?

Find Out If You're Dying with the "Am I Dying" Quiz

. Think you might be dying? Need help determining if you're going to live or die? Take the am I dying quiz and find out if you're going to die.
Am I Dying? Find out if you're dying with the short, accurate am I dying quiz.:

1. Are you breathing?
a)  Yes, heavily.
b)  No, should I stop holding my breath?
c)  No, I'm not breathing.
d)  Yes, but not of my own will.

2. Are any fluids flowing out of your body?
a)  Yes, it's red and it's everywhere.
b)  Does sweating count?
c)  Nope, not really.
d)  Yes, but I'm taking this quiz while peeing.

3. How old are you?
a)  Under 18.
b)  18-35
c)  36-45
d)  45-60
e)  I should have died years ago.

4. Do you see a bright light?
a)  Does the sun count?.
b)  Yes, should I turn it off.
c)  I can't see anything, it's all dark.
d)  Yes, and a voice is calling me towards it
e)  Nope. No lights here.

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